Name: Stevie Ball
Instrument: Guitar, vocals
Favourite Handle with Care Songs: Moondance, Nights in White Satin, Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)
Weapon of Choice: Epiphone
Other interests: Collecting vintage guitars, drinking whisky and going on road trips round the USA (all three usually combined)

The Axe man cometh!

Steve loves his guitars, especially Epiphone and is happy to play loud rock & blues as well as ‘middle of the road’ old time classics and country rock.

Playing since he was 13 years old in a school band, he went on to join many other local bands.

With Handle with Care, he enjoys channeling the softer side of good music playing lead guitar and taking the occasional lead on vocals.

Steve provides great harmony vocals and leads in some songs (e.g. Honky Tonk Women, Black magic Woman).