Name: Rita Mould
Instrument: Keyboards and backing vocals
Favourite Handle with Care Songs: Nutbush City Limits, Stand By Me, Warm and Tender Love
Weapon of Choice: Roland Juno Di Keyboard
Other interests: Music, walking, swimming and photography

The Keyboard Queen

Rita started piano lessons when she was just a wee young slip of a girl aged 9, quickly learned to play classical music, and started to play with a local youth orchestra. By the time she reached her rebellious late teens

By the time she reached her rebellious late teens though the rock’n’roll bug firmly took hold and Rita joined her first rock band called “Level 260”, playing in pubs and clubs around the Dorset area. One memorable gig was on a boat on the Thames one Christmas. However, Rita’s most memorable gig (for all the wrong reasons), was at the White Buck one New Year’s Eve, when she suffered a collapsed lung on stage! Beat that!! Fortunately, this hasn’t yet happened while playing with Handle with Care and Rita assures us it won’t happen again!

After a long break from gigging, she finally rediscovered her love of playing with a band and is just loving playing with the family that is Handle with Care.