Name: Mark Cheesley
Instrument: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Favourite Handle with Care Songs: Chasing Cars, Come up and see me (make me smile), Come Together
Weapon of Choice: Beautiful blue Telecaster, Epiphone SG, Squire Stratocaster Electric Guitars, Ibanez Acoustic Guitars
Other interests: Walking and DIY

A True Passion

Mark absolutely loves performing, and he is the main driver of the band. He is always the first one to learn new songs,  organises set lists and finds lots of new material.

He is the lead singer, and often performs solo gigs, often in support of charities. In fact raising money for charity is in his blood, and he even walked from John O’Groats to Lands End in support of Julia’s House. Of course he couldn’t resist the odd impromptu gig along the way!

Although Mark plays both electric and electro-acoustic guitar, he has found that the acoustic guitar works particularly well with a lot of Handle With Care material and is a good contrast with the other instruments. That doesn’t stop him picking up the electric guitar when needed though, and he loves nothing more than a bit of Status Quo boogying!